Bristol Aero Club is registered with the UK Civil Aviation Authority for the provision of flight training for private pilots. We offer the complete range of training courses whether embarking on their first flight, wanting to expand their skills or returning after a timeout. Our instructors are highly experienced and fully qualified, including full time airline captains and experienced private pilots. We are authorised to provide ground school classes, theory exams, flight training and skill tests – a full one-stop-shop for all your training requirements.

We don’t operate a strict 9-5 Monday to Friday regime as found in some commercial pilot training organisations, but can be flexible to fit your training into weekends and evenings around your own schedule. The only thing we can’t determine is the weather, so check before setting off to the airfield with your instructor if in any doubt.


The most accessible fixed wing private pilot licence, valid throughout Europe for flight outside cloud. You can fly with up to 3 passengers in aircraft up to 2000kg. The LAPL medical requirements are slightly more relaxed than for a full PPL. (Read more…)


The international baseline for a private pilot, valid worldwide. This includes some basic radio navigation training (VOR tracking, GPS etc.) and training for more difficult conditions. A PPL is needed prior to gaining further Instrument qualifications. A Class 2 medical is required.

Night Rating

Gloucester Airport is equipped with lights and available for Night training during winter evenings until 7:30pm weekdays. Enjoy the bright lights on the ground from a new perspective. Available for both LAPL and PPL licences with the same 5 hour flight training. No skill test or theory exam involved.


With the UK weather often changeable, this qualification allows you to climb through the clouds and make instrument approaches. This provides a safety net should you be closed in by weather and also increases the number of days you’ll be able to fly. Gloucester Airport offers the full range of instrument approaches – NDB, ILS and RNAV – for you to practice on.

PPL Revalidation

All PPL holders must take one hour’s flight instruction every two years and have their licence signed off (in addition to 12 take-off and landings, 12 hours flight time of which 6 hours PIC). Our instructors can conduct a quick refresher, check and sign your paperwork. We offer temporary membership which makes this very cost effective for those with their own aircraft or group share.

PPL Renewal

Previously held a UK or EASA pilot licence but let it lapse? You may not realise that there’s no need to sit any formal theory exams or retake the entire PPL flight training. We’ll assess what training you really need and provide that, followed by a proficiency test with an examiner. Many find it like riding a bike, you don’t forget the basic skills and just need a refresher plus learn what new rules have changed. This can include basic radio navigation training for UK PPLs who have had no formal training in that before.

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