We offer the choice of two main aircraft, all maintained and regularly serviced by licensed engineers in accordance with EASA regulations. Every aircraft is checked at intervals of 50 hours flight time and has a very thorough Annual (similar to a car MOT but much more extensive), which takes a few weeks.

basj1G-BASJ on grassG-BASJ-Avionics

G-BASJ is a Piper Cherokee PA28-180. The PA28 has been an extremely popular four seater training aircraft, being easy to fly, benign even in turbulent conditions and straightforward to land. This model has the most powerful 180 horsepower engine which gives it a shorter take-off roll, faster climb and cruise speeds, suitable for touring. Fully equipped for IFR, it can fly in cloud and even in airways. It sports a Garmin 430 GPS, VOR/ILS, DME, ADF, Mode S transponder and two radios.

bbxw3G-BBXWG-BBXW Avionics

G-BBXW is a Piper Cherokee PA28-151. Similarly easy to fly, this has a slightly less powerful 150hp engine but nonetheless ideal for training. Also four seater, the aircraft is equipped for IFR training and can fly in cloud. Equipment includes Garmin GTN650, VOR/ILS, DME, ADF, Mode S and two radios.