As a non-profit organisation with no paid staff (except for instructors), we can offer attractive rates for both solo-hire and instruction. We think you’ll find these very competitive, but we don’t compromise on safety standards or training quality. We’ll adapt and tailor instruction to suit your needs and provide sufficient rather than excessive time.

There are two features of our charging policy worth highlighting:

  • Flight time is charged based on airborne time plus 10 minutes. If you are stuck at the hold, need to taxi to the pumps to refuel or just waiting for the engine to warm up, we won’t charge extra. This makes a big difference compared with training at a large busy airport, when you might be charged full rates as soon as the battery switch is turned on.
  • No charge for landings at Gloucester. Even if you fly round the circuit 10 times, we won’t charge extra for take-offs and landings. We want to encourage pilots to practice their landings.


Solo Hire per hour


Dual Flight Instruction per hour


IR(R) Flight Instruction


Ground Exams


Annual Membership


Non-Flying Annual Membership


Prices for a full training course are given below as a guide. These are based on the legal minimum hours required and are likely to be exceeded, particularly for older students and those who spread their training out over longer periods.

LAPL including 30 hours flight training and 9 ground exams


PPL including 45 hours flight training and 9 ground exams


IR(R) including 15 hours IR(R) training and 1 ground exam


Includes all landing fees at Gloucester

Instruction is charged based on flight time but includes pre-flight briefing and post-flight debrief.

Excludes annual club membership fee, landing fees elsewhere, theory knowledge books, radio telephony practical exam, medical examination, examiner fee for skill tests, solo aircraft hire for skill test, CAA licence fees.

Payment by cheque or bank transfer.